The SoundRebel

What is a SoundRebel?

(Sound)(Reb-el) person. someone who fights to keep their sound unique and fresh, thus never to imitate or copy.

Who is DJ Kryptic

     Steve Stogner, AKA Kryptic, started djing in 1996 in Portland, Or.  He spent 2yrs. perfecting his art & performing at house parties before landing his first gig. It didn't take long before he was seen playing at venues all over Portland.

     In 1998 he formed a dj crew called The SoundRebels. The SoundRebels were DJ Sol, DJ Antonio, and DJ Kryptic. The three incorporated Hip Hop turntablism with electro breaks on a 3x4 turntable setup,which very few were doing in the EDM scene at that time. Their inspirations were DJ Crews like the Invisible Scratch Pickles, The Executioners, and DJ's Friction & Spice. That following year they performed at their first show, "Horizon", but due to unstoppable circumstances the crew stopped playing together shortly after that first show. The SoundRebels went their separate ways but still keep in touch and remain great friends to this day.
     Since then Kryptic has added to his name, The SoundRebel, as a metaphor to call himself because he strives to be different and innovative in his art.
     For the past 20+ years he has played in clubs all over Oregon, and has also traveled to Washington, Hawaii, and Vancouver B.C., to rock a crowd. He was a host & DJ to monthly dance parties, "Wax It Up" & "Rhythmic Shock". He's been a guest DJ multiple times at Portland's longest running monthly dance party, "SNAP" & Portland's longest running weekly Hip-hop party, "Wicked Wednesday's". He has also DJ'd events like the "Portland Rose Festival", "Portland Marathon", "Relay 4 Life", "Hempstalk", & many more.